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AprilSingsalot's Podcast

Aug 6, 2020

I'm sharing one of my most embarrassing moments....Charleston versus Charlotte. Have you ever noticed they start with the same 5 letters? Did you know they are both the same distance from Columbia, SC? Every wonder what would happen if you went to the wrong airport to pick someone up? Well wonder no more...

Aug 3, 2020

My prayer during the years between our infertility diagnosis and having our son was "God, you are not a cruel God. I know you would not give me the desire to have a child without making a way for me to be a mom. So either show me the way, or take away this desire."

Jul 31, 2020

Ever want to be somewhere else? I know we ALL have wanted to go somewhere physically different at some point during the pandemic, but what about different phases of your life? We are full on in the toddler temper tantrum stage of development and I'm trying to learn along with Henry how to handle my rage...

Jul 30, 2020

My most personal podcast yet. A powerful story of how we overcame the blow of an infertility diagnosis to have our son. Truly a testament to the power of prayer. 

Jul 23, 2020

Is it REALLY possible to find a spiritual metaphor in an iphone feature? Listen and weigh in! Do you have a technology inspired theological revelation? I'd love to hear it! Drop me a line directly: